Best Wrestling Shoes 2019

Best Wrestling Shoes

We’re sure that most wrestlers, at the beginning, take granted shoes. They focus on skills and strategies. We cannot complain.

But, sorry! A pair of good wrestling shoes will be a great support on the way to victory.

You have all the necessary skills and enough practicing for the big day. But, what if the shoes you wear perform grip under your expectation? And your skill is not enough yet to win?

Do we all agree that the best wrestling shoes are the most significant gear?

There comes another struggle, we are confronting a matrix of wrestling shoes. How to make the right choice? We have some advice.

Wrestling Shoes Features

To emphasize the significance of shoes to wrestlers, we want to point out below features. After finish reading, you must change your mind in shopping your footwear.

Comfortable and Fit


What do you do in wrestling? Attack? Or defense? In wrestling, you must be sure about stable grip, no matter what your plan is.

Because wrestling makes you sweat so bad, we look for comfortable, stable and embracing fabrics. What are they?

Leather: Leather is known as the best fabric that supports movements and prevents deformation. Shoes made by leather won’t run large as quickly as other cheap fabric.

Mesh: Mesh is breathable and comfortable fabric. You see a lot of running shoes, tennis shoes made with mesh upper. Because wrestling will produce heat and sweat for a long time, wearing airy shoes will prevent wrestlers from slippery and sweaty feeling.


Sole is the most important part to consider when we choose shoes. Sole reflects cushioning quality, flexibility and also comfort. We have split sole and unisole to consider.

Split Soles: Let’s look at the bottom. Split sole appears in two pieces: one from tip to midfoot and the rest. Usually, spit sole produces less traction during motion. On the other hand, it’s more flexible. Walking on spit soles, you feel more comfortable because the sole itself breaks into two parts. As a result, our feet are free from pressure.

Unisole: When you see the sole from heel to toe without any separation, it’s unisole. Unisole usually provides better grip that wrestlers need.

However, unisole appears more rigid when wrestlers need to move fast or suddenly.

Ankle Support

Feeling fit is essential to wrestlers. During the time they lock their opponents in position or in motion, ankle support adds up significant strength.

Therefore, we advise wrestlers to choose shoes with ankle closures that embrace their feet better.

Besides, we need shoes which allows us to tuck extra laces neatly so that they won’t get tangled during the game.

Traction Patterns

We can see traction patterns on the bottom of the shoes. Traction patterns decide how strongly we move and hold the opponent.

We have circular patterns that are for lightweight wrestlers. Wrestling courts are usually slippery, and these patterns will enhance grip advantages.

Another type of pattern is the “V” shape. These patterns work great when we stay still in a position. The traction born by V shape supports us to hold on the opponent.

Wrestler’s Weight

Wrestlers themselves are also one of factors that affects the shoe quality.

For lightweight people, we recommend something to help them to move faster and also react quickly. Usually, these wrestlers are not good at holding opponents, but they take advantages of their mobility to defense and knock out the rival.

For beginners and heavyweight people, they focus on holding opponents. That’s why they need shoes with better grip. Shoes for beginners and heavyweight people should run larger a little bit because their feet go swollen while running.

If our guideline does not solve all your problems about wrestling shoes, we have more transparent suggestions here.

After searching all over the market, sorting and studying, we find out the best wrestling shoes of Nike, ASICS, and Adidas.

Keep reading and find yourself a pair of best wrestling shoes.

Best Wrestling Shoes for Men Listed

Otomix Stingray Men’s Wrestling Shoes

Otomix Stingray Men's Wrestling Shoes

  • Sturdy suede upper mixed with breathable synthetic
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • High traction soles
  • True to size
  • Not quite durable for heavy training
  • Thin outsoles

Otomix men’s Stingray is a design made in suede upper combined with mesh. Suede allegedly performs very well in wrestling shoe market no matter how tough training is.

But, the unique feature of this Otomix Stingray is “barefoot” sole. This unisole is so thin that you can feel the ground and therefore, the shoes are ultralight.

Thin soles will support beginners or lightweight wrestlers to move faster, especially in unexpected situations. However, in case you wear wrestling shoes for heavy training, this Otomix Men’s Stingray wears out quite quickly due to the sole.

If you purchase online, the shoes come true to size so don’t be afraid that you cannot fit in. Besides, footwear made of suede takes longer to deform.

ASICS JB Elite V2.0 Men’s Wrestling Shoes

ASICS JB Elite V2.0 Men's Wrestling Shoes

  • Synthetic body and mesh on top
  • Special grip for wrestling
  • High ankle support
  • Rubber split soles
  • No removable insoles
  • Only for men

These wrestling shoes are made with the split sole. We believe that split sole assists wrestlers a lot in holding the opponent. The outsole adds more grip that helps you the most in wrestling games.

The shoes come with high ankle closure and use lace to tighten. So, ankle receives excellent support. This JB Elite design takes advantages of mesh and synthetic- breathable fabric to build comfortable upper.

ASICS JB Elite is an excellent choice for men only. Sadly, there are no sizes for women.

Adidas Wrestling Combat Speed 4-M Shoes

Adidas Wrestling Combat Speed 4-M Shoes

  • Durable leather and breathable mesh
  • EVA midsoles for the best absorption
  • Strap closure for ankle support
  • Super lightweight
  • Rubber unisole
  • Running tight in comparison to the current size

The uppers of these Adidas Combat Speed 4-M shoes are built mainly by mesh. We bet they are so comfortable to wear even during hours of wrestling. Besides, manufacturers mix with leather overlay to keep the shoes always in form. Brilliant!

We give a thumb up about strap closure. This velcro strap is convenient, easy to use and rigid. That’s how these shoes support ankle’s strength the best.

Adidas introduced the design of Combat Speed 4-M as “sock-like” shoes. And they are as comfortable, lightweight and flexible as a pair of socks. We advise you to choose a larger size than usual because the form is quite tight.

ASICS JB Elite III Unisex Wrestling Shoes

ASICS JB Elite III Unisex Wrestling Shoes

  • Lace closure for better ankle support
  • Design for Olympic champion
  • High ankle support
  • Open mesh upper
  • Split soles
  • Running small

We are talking about wrestling shoes of World’s choice- ASICS Men’s JB Elite III. And it deserves the popularity.

These shoes are made for optimal comfort and support. We have mesh upper running along the middle –the outlet of heat. So, the sweat issue gets solved.

The pair of shoes comes with split sole that works well for heavyweight wrestlers. Split sole with stronger grip can strengthen defense and holding opponents.

Besides, instead of strap closure, these shoes provide lace closure producing better ankle support. The shoes are in small form so plus 0.5 or 1 to find a suitable size.

ASICS Aggressor 4 Men’s Wrestling Shoes

ASICS Aggressor 4 Men’s Wrestling Shoes

  • Breathable fabric and also suede
  • Flexible lace closure
  • Rubber insoles
  • True to size
  • Durable
  • Irremovable insoles

Sole is the most eye-catching feature of the ASICS Aggressor 4. The shoes come with rubber unisole and great outsole which promises firm grip. Wearing these shoes, you become an immovable wrestler at once.

The shoes are made of suede in front, but the upper is mesh. Therefore, it’s comfortable and airy for any wrestler who must fight on courts for hours.

Best Wrestling Shoes for Women Listed

ASICS Women’s Aggressor 3 Wrestling Shoes

ASICS Women's Aggressor 3 Wrestling Shoes

  • Convenient pocket for tucking laces
  • Duo outsoles for better traction
  • Breathable synthetic
  • Rubber insoles
  • Peel-off tread after a month use

If you are female wrestlers who fancy Aggressor, we have these shoes for you. The ASICS Aggressor 3 wrestling shoes for women also appear with suede around and airy ecsaine upper. (Ecsaine is a non-woven material made from ultra-microfiber and elastic polymer)

Additionally, the shoes provide a little pocket around the ankle where wrestlers can tuck extra laces. If you are seeking a pair of shoes that make you unstoppable on wrestling courts, don’t hesitate to give ASICS Aggressor 3 a try.

ASICS Unisex Aggressor 3 Wrestling Shoes

ASICS Unisex Aggressor 3 Wrestling Shoes

  • Great outsoles for better traction
  • Convenient lace tucker
  • Rubber insoles
  • Durable suede
  • True to size
  • Glued soles

If you prefer to mesh upper, we have ASICS Women’s Men Aggressor 3. The shoes optimize your strength by durable rubber sole and great outsole. Besides, the suede overlay prevents boots from running large after months of wearing.

You have a pocket at ankle level to tuck laces, too. Like other versions of Aggressor, this women version is made for tension training. Ankle support by lace closure works greatly in empowering wrestlers to hold opponents.

Otomix Stingray Women’s Wrestling Shoes

Otomix Stingray Women's Wrestling Shoes

  • Split soles for flexible movements
  • The mix of leather and synthetic
  • Eye-catching pink for women
  • Removable insoles
  • Lightweight
  • Too high front closure
  • No lace tuckers

Every woman will fall in love with these pinky wrestling shoes. And after wearing them to the court, you soon find out how amazing they are.

If any female reader fell for the men’s Otomix Stingray at first sight, these shoes are for you.
Once again, we have a pair of wrestling shoes with zero heels. The split sole is too thin so that wearers can maximize flexibility and grip.

The insoles are removable for laundry. If you don’t mind a place to tuck extra laces, we’re happy to tell you these shoes are the ones!

Adidas Unisex Adults AQ3325 Wrestling Shoes

Adidas Unisex Adults AQ3325 Wrestling Shoes

  • Gum rubber insoles for strong grip
  • Suede and synthetic upper
  • Ankle pad closure
  • Low heel
  • Running small
  • Only black

Many women like men’s wrestling shoes for some reasons but they cannot fit in the size. We have no voice in production, but we found out optimal unisex wrestling shoes here that work for women.

This pair of AQ3325 shoes by Adidas turns up with suede overlays and mesh upper. The manufacturers made the shoes in sock-like design. Female wrestlers now find out lightweight footwear with excellent cushioning and grip.

Besides, we have ankle support by strap closure that fit women’s foot size better than men’s. Nevertheless, there are no many options for colors. Women have only black to go for.

ASICS Aggressor 2 Black Wrestling Shoes

ASICS Aggressor 2 Black Wrestling Shoes

  • EVA insoles
  • Strap closure
  • Great soles for better grip
  • Soft Ecsaine upper mixed with synthetic and suede overlays
  • Running small

These shoes are for women who like the design of Aggressor but with strap closures. Basically, the Aggressor 2 have all features of the family: Outsoles, EVA insoles, excellent grip, and airy overlays.

However, you have a strap closure instead of a lace closure as other versions. The shoes come with extensive heels so that wearers feel comfortable in hours.


Some considerations in choosing the best wrestling shoes are ankle support, material, size, and soles. But only by investing time on searching, you gain the best result. Shoes are one of the crucial factors that matter to your performance in any sport, not just wrestling.

But if you are too busy to go shopping, let’s see our recommendation list. Don’t hesitate to share with us more tips in selecting and we welcome other recommendations on wrestling shoes on the comment below!

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