Best Shoes for High Arches 2019

Best Shoes for High Arches 2019

There are some things we cannot change. High arch is a typical example because it is simply natural. However, the fact that we cannot change our foot condition does not mean that we should ignore it and give it a chance to interfere with our lives.

Although it is easy to manage, it can quickly become a problem if you do not address it properly. High arches can cause a lot of pain and suffering for runners unless you find a suitable pair of shoes. That’s why it is so important to make sure you are wearing the right shoes.

People with high arches, of course, should get the best shoes for high arches. However, there are a lot of shoes available on the market that makes picking the best one a bit of a headache to runners.

To make things easier for you, we have created a list of the top 10 best shoes for high arches. No matter who you are, keep reading our article and then, you can choose a pair that match your foot condition and preferences.

Best Men’s Shoes for High Arches

Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

  • Comfortable and stable
  • Amazing cushioning and shock absorption
  • Have a reliable durability
  • Its appearance is a bit monotonous.

Brooks Addiction Walker Shoes are known for their exceptional comfort and support. Exclusive Hydroflow technology provides excellent cushioning and shock absorption, making them ideal for people with high arches.

At first glance, they look no different from regular shoes, but when you look at them closely, you will see that they have midfoot cushioning and support on the middle sole and inside the shoe.

The insole is made of durable midsole compound which is very useful in reducing shock. Once you wear them, you will feel the comfort, flexibility, and stability that they give.

The shoe comes in black, white, and brown. While some people think that shoes should have a better design, considering the sporty and colorful shoes available on the market today.

However, most users agree that a good pair of shoes must provide enough comfort and stability for a long-distance walk and Brooks Addiction Walker Shoes do this very well. So if their monotonous appearance is not your problem, they are a great choice that you should not ignore.

Saucony Men’s Triumph 11 Running Shoes

Saucony Men’s Triumph 11 Running Shoes

  • Has great cushioning
  • Plush and comfortable
  • Available in different colors
  • Durable
  • Slightly expensive
  • Not flexible enough according to some runners

These shoes are made for running, but you can also take them for a walk. They may not be your style but are surely something to consider – Simple but effective.

Many people buy a pair of shoes based on its look, not what they need for their particular type of foot. But to enjoy comfort and stability, grabbing a fitting shoe is very important. So, regardless of whether Saucony suites your tastes or not, if you have high arched feet, Saucony is still an ideal choice.

They are very lightweight and comfortable to wear. Triumph 11 offers a far superior cushioning than most shoes on the market, thanks to Saucony’s built-in POWERGRID.

This cushioning reduces the impact of running and other physical exercises on bones, muscles, and joints, making the Triumph 11 less strenuous on your body than other models. As a result, they will always keep your foot healthy and aligned.

The upper section of the shoe is made of a mesh-like material for comfort and reflectors for visibility when running at night. The lightweight construction allows you to move easily while letting your foot to breath.

Asics Men’s GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoes

Asics Men’s GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoes

  • Extremely lightweight
  • The rubber sole offers a lot of tractions as you walk
  • Removable insoles for easy washing or replacement
  • Might not suitable for those who have wide feet because they run a bit narrow
  • Come with the mesh on top so they might be fine for summer but not for winter.

Asics walking shoes are specially designed for men who often have to walk a lot. They are made of synthetic material and have rubber soles for excellent traction. With mesh fabric at the top of the shoe, you will feel extremely breathable when you walk.

In addition to these fantastic features, the collar and padded tongue inside also enhance the comfort level as you walk around. Moreover, the shoes are incredibly light and especially suitable for cross training because you will be able to move around in them easily.

Compared to other shoes with similar build and quality, these shoes are much lighter. This is an outstanding feature that you should consider before deciding to buy a specific pair of shoes.

New Balance Men’s MW577 Walking Shoes

New Balance Men’s MW577 Walking Shoes

  • Reasonable price
  • Great comfort and support
  • Stylish outer leather
  • High durability
  • Makes your feet hot in warm weather
  • Its heel is low compared to the old New Balance shoes
  • It is a bit tight, so you might need time to break them in.

These leather walking shoes is an affordably-priced choice for men who need a comfortable and supportive shoe to wear all day. It has an injection-molded plastic midsole, which can both cushion and support your arches.

Walkers especially love these shoes because they are cushy right out of the box, with no break-in period required.

With a sturdy rubber sole, the New Balance MW577 Walking Shoe is exceptionally durable, no matter what kind of surface you are walking on.

One drawback is that while the outer leather is stylish, it can make your feet hot in warmer weather. However, thanks to that, it can protect your feet better than other lightweight shoes in colder months. Offering both white and black options, these shoes are a great choice for a comfortable and casual men’s shoes.

New Balance Men’s MW840v2 Walking Shoes

New Balance Men’s MW840v2 Walking Shoes

  • Comfortable and durable
  • Provide a lot of shock absorbance
  • Easy to remove the insoles for replacement or washing
  • Reasonable price for their excellent features
  • Come in a variety of sizes
  • There is little traction from the base of the shoes if it gets wet

This is a remarkable walking shoe which is made of genuine leather and durable rubber soles. With a unique design and build, it offers the most comfort as you move.

One of the best features of these shoes is their sturdiness and stability. If you want to buy flexible yet sturdy shoes to provide exceptional support while you walk, New Balance MW840v2 will not disappoint you. They also come with a comfortable, but removable insert for foot ease and cushioning.

New Balance is also a great product that people with wide feet should consider. These walking shoes offer many size options that make it easy for users to find their perfect shoes. Each shoe has a standard version, a wide version, and an extra version.

Best Women’s Shoes for High Arches

New Balance W1340v2 Optimum Control Running Shoes

New Balance W1340v2 Optimum Control Running Shoes

  • Luxurious look
  • Stable and durable
  • Super breathable and comfortable
  • Special motion control technology makes it best for high arches
  • A bit heavier than others
  • Quite expensive

New Balance W1340v2 is a fantastic pair of shoes that we cannot leave off on this list. With unique motion control technology, it is stable, durable and perfect for those with high arches.

What does “motion control” mean? It works to keep your arch, heel, and ankle aligned and healthy. By keeping your foot aligned, these shoes reduce your chances to slippings, rollings, and sprains.

It is also one of the most comfortable shoes we want to introduce to you. Even with its luxurious look, New Balance W1340v2 is very breathable and offers ample air circulation for comfortable workout days.

Because of the many outstanding advantages, this pair of shoes is a bit expensive. This might prevent many people from purchasing, but, to be honest, that price point is worthy.

It not only helps high archers protect their feet but is also super comfortable and breathable. With such a fantastic product, we are always willing to spend a little extra, right?

Brooks Women’s Glycerin 15 Running Shoes

Brooks Women’s Glycerin 15 Running Shoes

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Have a sturdy sole, keeping your feet stable and healthy
  • Suitable for gym, work or daily use
  • Unique midsole design
  • A bit pricey

Women with high arches will always need a pair of shoes that can keep their ankles and heels healthy and free from strain. Coming with a lot of great features, Brooks Glycerin 15 will be your perfect choice.

These shoes offer good support and make sure every step you take is well taken care of. High arches often cause ankle pains and even back pains because high arched feet have less stability, leading to uneven weight distribution.

With Brooks Glycerin, you will not have to worry about these problems anymore. It provides enough depth to reach your ankles as well as the support needed for preventing ankle twisting.

The shoe is uniquely designed to take care of all your high arched feet problems and make your feet always relaxing and stable. Whether you want to find a pair of shoes to match with sports or daily activities, Brooks Women’s Glycerin 15 will surely not disappoint you.

Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 33 Running Shoes

Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 33 Running Shoes

  • Light construction
  • Incredible responsiveness and comfort
  • Multi-function, suitable for both walking and running
  • Stylish look
  • Its size is smaller than what you get used to.

These shoes have a really light construction that provides you with incredible breathability. They come with the soft mesh at the upper, so your feet will always stay super cool.

In addition to the midsole that offers excellent support for each step you take, you might surprise at the outsole. The uniquely designed waffle lugs have added the responsiveness of the shoe, making it more stable and springy over all types of surfaces.

The heel to toe differential of 10 mm, the comfortable upper, and the extra cushioning make Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 33 a perfect choice that always protects every your strike. So if you are looking for a shoe that is cushioned, lightweight yet super responsive, this is the shoe for you.

Brooks PureCadence 6 Overpronation Stability Running Shoes

Brooks PureCadence 6 Overpronation Stability Running Shoes

  • Lightweight
  • Have wide toe box
  • Comfortable & breathable
  • Excellent stability & support
  • Fashionable look
  • Sizing runs small
  • Traction could be better

For those who are looking for a pair of shoes that offer excellent stability and support, Brooks Women’s PureCadence 6 is an ideal choice. They are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable.

Featuring the exclusive Support Sole and BioMoGo technology of Brooks, they will always protect your feet from everything that come your way on the road as well as prevent any symptom you may have due to high arches.

The toe box is very open that allows your toes to grip naturally. Like other shoes, they might feel a bit strange when first tried on, but a couple of months we can tell you they have greatly improved your ability to run longer distances comfortable.

Another reason why we recommend you to buy this product is that it looks pretty sleek and plain which is quite difficult to find in women’s running shoes. These shoes also come in three color options (evening blue, pink peacock, and island paradise), so you can choose one pair that suits your tastes best.

Saucony Women’s Echelon LE2 Walking Shoes

Saucony Women’s Echelon LE2 Walking Shoes

  • Provide wearers with a pleasant walking experience
  • Amazing midsole cushioning which even can help to relieve pain in feet and knees
  • Well-constructed, flexible, and comfortable
  • The shoe might run narrower than what you were used to
  • Lack of support in the upper, leading the foot slides off the outside edge of the sole.
  • After a few months of use, the rubber may peel off the toes

Saucony Echelon earns one of our top picks thanks to its remarkable quality, comfort, style, value, and durability.

These shoes feature the cushioning, flexibility, and shock absorption that all people with high arched feet need in a pair of walking shoes. Its unique PowerGrid cushion system in the midsole keeps your feet aligned and avoids rolling. It also redistributes pressure and absorbs shock for a comfortable stride.

The rubber outsole provides reliable traction, regardless of the weather or surface conditions. With its beautiful design, flexibility, and great values, Saucony Women’s Echelon LE2 is truly worth buying.


As you walk or run, you need a pair of shoes that will give you comfort and protect you from injury, especially if you have high arches. If you do not know which brand to choose, hopefully, our article could help.

They are all rated as the best shoes for high arches and received a lot of positive feedback of wearers. Have you ever worn one of them? Which is your favorite brand? Leave a comment below to let us know. Thank you for reading!

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