Best Shoes for Flat Feet 2019

Best Shoes for Flat Feet 2019

Choosing a suited pair of shoes for those who suffer from flat feet can be a challenge and take a lot of time. That’s why we are here to help you find the perfect ones. But first, take a quick look to learn more about flat feet.

What are Flat Feet?

Flat feet is the deformity in which the soles of the foot does not have a domed structure as usual. Because the vertical arch collapses and spreads flat, it makes almost all the sole directly in contact with the ground.

According to statistics, the population suffering from flat feet accounts for 30 percent.

People with flat feet are likely to have their ankles skewed while walking or running. It means your movements will cause further secondary stress into legs, causing the muscles or ligaments to work more to raise the foot.

As a result, it leads to a dislocated situation to the ankle, and your knee will be sore.

How to Choose The Right Shoe for Flat Feet?

For the past few years, many genuine shoe manufacturers have developed specific technological advances to help people with flat feet run more comfortably and safely.

Flat feet shoes will have additional control features to reduce the level of foot rotation.

Do not choose or avoid shoes with thick and curved foot pads, but without the ability to stabilize the soles of the feet.

The keywords that you have to remember are Stability, Support, and Motion Control.


Support is the vital thing that you should consider when choosing shoes for your flat feet. When looking at the reviews or specifications of the shoes, any feature that says “extra support” means you are on the right track.


Stability is a standard in the shoe industry that classifies running shoes for people with ankle buckles. Each brand has its own collection of this.

Motion Control

Stability is a standard in the shoe industry that classifies running shoes for people with ankle buckles. Each brand has its collection of this.

Best Shoes for Flat Feet Men

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Core Ox

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Core Ox

It’s no surprise when this pair of shoes is our first choice on the list because this classic sneaker has lasted for decades and gained the loyalty of its fans.

With a wide choice in colors and prints, the shoes can match anyone’s taste.

Also, the classic design and vintage look make it suitable for any casual wear and can adapt to current trends.

With 100% canvas, these sneakers are easy to clean and have a perfect lightweight.

An outstanding feature of the shoes that grabs many fanatics is its breathable upper and cushioned insole.

The shoes come with simple outsole tread design, keeping your feet balanced on slippery and muddy grounds.

The affordable price is also the reason that makes Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Core Ox worth buying.

NIKE Men’s Free RN Running Shoes

NIKE Men’s Free RN Running Shoes

If you are an amateur athlete or who usually do exercise, surely you’ll not want to miss this “divine” shoes. Comfort, style, and durability are features that make Nike Men’s Free RN a perfect choice for you.

On to its comfort, the first thing I need to mention is the outstanding design which offers users the abilities to move faster and effortless.

As you can see, from outside in, the engineered mesh upper, minimal shock liner, and responsive cushioning bring the product with a flexible, supportive, and breathable coverage.

All these features make the sneakers more lightweight and comfortable.

Next, let’s look at its style. With various color schemes, Nike RN allows runners to have more options to suit their hobby as well as mix and match easier. Also, the colors of the shoes and gym outfits match well with each other.

However, its minimalist design brings an out-of-date drawback. Hence, if you are those who always seek for a new trend, then maybe it’s not for you.

Nike Men’s Free RN Flyknit 2017 Running Shoes

Nike Men’s Free RN Flyknit 2017 Running Shoes

If you like more than a basic style yet still want to buy the sturdy running shoes of Nike brand, let’s think about this one.
One feature making Nike Free RN Flyknit 2017 outstanding is its style. It provides the flat-feet wearers with a unique and customized design.

Especially, the shoes best suit those who have narrow feet thanks to its comfortable form and sole.

Its outsole and foam insole are flexible and convenient that will make you feel like stepping on clouds when wearing it. The mesh is single-layer, making sure your feet will be breathable.

Furthermore, its surprisingly bright and modern color is one more advantage of the product. You’ll surely appreciate this feature at first sight.

Because it is for narrower feet, some people may get uncomfortable using the sneakers. Also, the outsole engineering makes it inappropriate for long-distance running and sometimes collects small rocks.

Vans Authentic Core Classic Sneakers

Vans Authentic Core Classic Sneakers

It is no coincidence that the Vans brand is so popular among the young who love outdoor activities and sports.

Maybe you knew, recently, there is a trend of throwing Vans shoes on the floor to see which way they’ll land. If not, you can search on Google and try. It’s fascinating, I swear.

Can you guess the result? They ALWAYS land facing up.

It is because of the stable platform which helps keep its balance all the time. For those who have flat feet, it is indeed advantageous and useful.

It is classic yet iconic and never goes out of style. More convenient, you can wear Vans sneakers to school, work, travel, or your date as well. It brings users a comfortable and confident feeling when walking or doing light skateboarding activities.

However, if you like a flashy appearance, then you might not like its easily worn out canvas material after a few uses and cleaning.

Though it’s not suitable for hardcore skating, its vintage design is still in the bucket list of most casual and street-style sneaker fans.

Merrell Encore Gust

Merrell Encore Gust

Are you a traveler or a doctor who has to move constantly? Either way, you’ll probably need an appropriate pair like this Merrell product.

It has a unique form of slip-on shoes so that you can put on and off easily, thus save more time to do your job.

It’s also great for hiking and other leisure activities because of its comfort, traction, and understated class. You can wear it all day without worrying about heel rubbing, arthritis, or ankle pain, etc.

Especially, if you have a problem with your feet, there’s no doubt that the product is for you.

You might think that it is a bit costly, but personally, it provides excellent value for money. Furthermore, the brand always keeps innovating its new technologies, so you don’t have to worry much about the quality of the shoes.

Best Shoes for Flat Feet Women

ANNA Dana-20 Women’s Classic Ballerina Flats

ANNA Dana-20 Women's Classic Ballerina Flats

Many SageBoss’s experts were pleasantly surprised with the lightweight feature and slight cushion at the bottom that it brings about. Only about 2 pounds, the shoes are very compact and simple, yet useful for those who have flat feet.

The shoes neatly embrace the feet, together with elastic straps giving users a sense of stability. SageBoss’s Experts also respect its ordinary yet elegant, feminine outlook which makes it flexible for using in the workplace or hanging out.

Especially, if you have wide feet, then it will comfort you with its design. It uses a zip on the back, but the zipper doesn’t dig into your ankle, so there’ll be no hurt to your skin.

Though they are convenient, those flat shoes are not appropriate to use in winter or on rainy days. If you decide to purchase the product, you should carefully clean and store it during a season.

Minnetonka Women’s Kilty Suede Moccasin

Minnetonka Women’s Kilty Suede Moccasin

Fans of the Minnetonka moccasin shoes love them because of the fantastic durability, even with those living in the wet Seatle.
With a moccasin pair of shoes, you won’t need to buy another one for at least one year. Some people bought their boots 4 years ago and still keep using them.

Everybody, especially flat-feet people also love to go traveling on the product that it allows them to walk 10 miles a day without insoles.

Besides, the product is very convenient and practical that you can use them quickly as house slippers. They can go with many outfits from jeans to dresses.

Are these enough to express the extraordinary of the shoes?

Absolutely no! If your shoes are unfortunately in a problem like being ripped, you won’t have to worry because you can receive an alternative with the one-year warranty policy of Minnetonka brand.

Skechers Performance Womens Impress Walking

Skechers Performance Womens Impress Walking

You might not know this, but Skechers is favorable among professional athletes in every facet of sports from runners to pro golfers.

It is because of the stable platform and high-quality materials for walking that your feet will not suffer from any hurt or blistering. The brand applies the technology of using the material people often use in making yoga mats.

The design of fabric and padding allows the shoes to fit comfortably over any types of feet so that when walking, you will feel extremely comfortable and effortless.

That comfort is also good for those who have flat feet. Especially, if your grandmother has arthritis for a long time, it can help her overcome or at least reduce the pain.

After a short time using it, she can surely go traveling like any other younger people!

The only one drawback that I can found so far is the casual look of the product. If you’re a trend follower, then it is not for you.

Brooks Women’s Glycerin 14

Brooks Women’s Glycerin 14

We highly recommend the 14th edition of the Glycerin that the product brings a different feeling compared to other reputable cushioned shoes.

The smart design of the shoes is handy for flat feet that it offers a highly-cushioned midsole, excellent traction, and arch support. Wearing them, you can feel like they are hugging your feet yet still comfortable and airy.

Not only are they popular among amateur trainers but the shoes are also favorable to a handful of professional runners due to their durability.

You might feel that the cushion is a bit heavy, but Glycerin 14 still provides wearers with noticeable flexibility. It is the most expensive line in the top list that we suggest, but in my opinion, it worths every cent you purchase.

Nike Women’s WMNS Air Zoom Fearless Flyknit

Nike Women’s WMNS Air Zoom Fearless Flyknit

Nike hardly disappoints its customers in design and aesthetics, and this case is no exception. You can freely choose the most trendy colors on this product line which we appropriate more than other woman shoes on the review.

Besides, as its name reveals, the shoes apply the Nike Air technology which consists of pressurized air inside a bag in the platform. Thus, they allow you to move more flexible with lightweight form. They also can support those with flat feet.

Made of synthetic in the upper, Nike Air Zoom Fearless has the appropriate stretchability that will fit your feet like a glove. It helps avoid blisters or leg pain.

But, those light and comfortable materials also create some weaknesses for the shoes. First, the soft sole is not suitable for weightlifting. Second, after just a few months frequently used, the shoes can easily have holes in the toe area.

Overall, the product still receives a positive evaluation for the stylish and comfortable attribute.


Finding a good pair of shoes for your flat feet is not as difficult as you think. Just take notice in the support, stability as well as motion control, you can easily make the right decision.

Hope that our shoes for men and women are useful for you, of which the Converse Chuck Taylor and Minnetonka moccasin are always our top pick. In case you need further information, don’t hesitate to let us know. Please like and share the review to help others who are in problems like you. Thank you!

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