Best Shoes for Diabetics 2019

Best Shoes for Diabetics 2019

Living with a medical condition is hard enough when a lot of life-supporting products are not diabetes-friendly. Usually, you have to walk through many stores to find the right ones, and as you may have painfully experienced, that has proven to be an agonizing task.

So, we have arrived to ease even just a little bit of your pain. We will provide some tips for buying shoes when you’re living with diabetes, essential features for the footwear and the time to find replacements.

Useful Tips for Diabetics

  • Don’t rely on the latest measurement of your feet, as you’ve known; your size can change radically from time to time, mostly depending on your health;

  • Along with diabetes, if you have heart and kidney conditions as well, it would be better to go picking out your new pair of shoes in the latter half of the day;

  • Just to be extra careful, remember to wear socks that you’d usually for these kinds of shoes while trying out, so you’ll know for sure it’ll fit you;

  • Check the height of the heel, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the back of your feet; and it would be ideal to choose the higher ones. Still, some people don’t feel at ease with higher heels, so if it’s average height, it’s acceptable;

  • Again regarding the heel, the more it has padding there, the better it can keep bruises from your feet;

  • The inside of the shoes can cause a lot of troubles for your feet if you choose ones with inner seams. As they can make your feet swell up after rubbing against them for an extended period. That’s why before deciding to purchase those shoes, put your fingers in and run it through the lining to verify how sleek it is;

  • Especially pay more attention to the length between your longest toe and the shoes’ cap which ideally ought to be half of your thumb’s width, that way your feet will have room to wiggle a bit and be comfortable.

Also, to most of your comfy feeling, with the brand new shoes, it would be best that you wear them for a short period couples of times before committing to them full time.

Since the new pair can still cause some discomforts, dip your toes slowly in until you feel you can walk all day in them.

Highlight Features of Diabetic Shoes

  • Shoes’ material should be soft and elastic, because whether you’d like it or not, your shoes will stretch, so they should be able to change along with the shape of your feet in order not to cause tenderness;
  • The shoes’ collar should be sturdy enough not to be bend easily to either side, but also flexible enough, so it doesn’t chafe your ankles;
  • Check the sole for the cushioning and the level of shock-absorbent of the shoes; these things would factor in a lot especially while walking;
  • The kinds of shoes such as sneakers, loafers, slip-on, slippers are usually up to each wearer’s preference; still, make sure to consider which kind can provide better assistance for you.

You already knew that we should take into account the width of your feet while buying shoes, be that as it may, double-check never hurts. You can even go for that extra depth if you feel you want more room for your toes.

Time to Replacements

For the shoes to perform their best, if possible, you may need to switch out your favorite pair so it won’t wear out fast.

For people with diabetes, if even one of the features on the shoes gets compromised, it might put you in distress worrying about your feet. So, quickly find replacements when the time comes.

  • The shoes’ inside is ripped
  • Parts of the shoes are damaged, bend easily
  • The shoes’ midsole doesn’t support your feet efficiently anymore

Best Women’s Shoes for Diabetics

Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 4

Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 4

No one, and I mean no one, with diabetes can pass up a deal as good as this Go Walk 4. Skechers recently found out about the market for medical conditions consumers and decided to take their footbed to another level.

If you ever own a pair of Skechers, you should know you have to fall in love with its cushion. That’s one of the reasons this Go Walk 4 scores so high in our list. They have memory foam cushion to ensure the comfort of your steps. Along with that, their flexible outsole and lightweight Resalyte cushioning have proven to be magnificent for consumers.

Propet Women’s Mary Jane Walker

Propet Women's Mary Jane Walker

Even though it only comes second in our list, Propet is still of the most recognizable brand on the market for medical-conditioned shoes right now. And the Mary Jane line is the one that Propet prides themselves with the most regarding women.

The Mary Jane Walker gives wearers full-toe room for greatest comfort. And Propet packs in the very lightweight and removable soles and cushion, which provide outstanding balance and don’t tire out the wearers’ ankles when standing long.

Not to mention, being comfortable doesn’t always mean you can be stylish as well, not when it comes to Mary Jane Walker!

Orthofeet 975 Verve Sneakers for Women

Orthofeet 975 Verve Sneakers for Women

Orthofeet has built its reputation around shoes for sensitive and with medical conditions feet.

They also know that the vast of their customers want to enjoy fashionable choices too. Not everyone wishes to rock those obvious-for-diabetes pairs of shoes. So, Orthofeet manages not to sacrifice comfort even with the sneaker-look.

The pair has exceptionally cushioned shoe pads, which can absorb your feet’s sweat well, helping you feeling dry while wearing the shoes. They also put in the contoured anatomical arch support to adapt to the shape of your feet.

Propet Women’s Travelactiv Mary Jane Fashion Sneakers

Propet Women's Travelactiv Mary Jane Fashion Sneakers

As we said earlier about Propet, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see another Propet’s product on our list. Don’t be fooled because you see this one further down the list. It can give its siblings a run for the money if it wants.

However, because the not-so-attractive look, it has to try harder to find its place in the market. Even so, each pair of the Mary Jane line surely doesn’t disappoint.

Propet builds this one with rubber, firm sole, plus they also put in cushion and plush to make your steps effortless. And it also offers ventilation and breathability!

Silvert’s Womens Extra Extra Wide Width Adjustable Slippers

Silvert's Womens Extra Extra Wide Width Adjustable Slippers

Silvert has paid attention to the need of their customers. They put considerations where it’s due, especially for women with wide or swollen feet or any of the illnesses that can cause their shoes not fit anymore.

Also, you wouldn’t need to worry about slipping any more because Womens Extra Extra Wide Width Slippers have got your back with their slip-resistance soles, which are safe for older people to use as well.

Best Men’s Shoes for Diabetics

Hush Puppies Men’s Gil Slip-On Shoes

Hush Puppies Men's Gil Slip-On Shoes

Classic never gets old! There’s a reason why the majority of diabetes shoes have this moccasin style. They are extremely easy to put on, cut down the time you have to bend down.

This Gil Slip-On leads the way with its synthetic soles, average heels, padded collar and a velcro strap which all contribute to helping you put the shoes on as effortless as possible. On top of that, Hush Puppies installs the ZeroG shock-absorbent footbed that relieves your ankle with the weight of the footwear.

New Balance Men’s Mx608v4 Training Shoes

New Balance Men's Mx608v4 Training Shoes

Unlike with women’s shoes, New Balance has been dominating the men’s market with this Mx608v4. The company is not an expert when it comes to shoes for people with health conditions. However, they make up by a lot of features on the shoes, and its stylish looks.

It is elastic cross-trainer which helps avoid the painful swollen feet. The dual-density collar along with the foam cushion supports a lot of your weight while walking.

New Balance has already established its name in the sportswear section, so we know they make comfortable shoes. The question posed is whether it’s comfortable enough for diabetes. And the answer is hell yeah!

Propet Men’s Life Walker Strap Sneakers

Propet Men's Life Walker Strap Sneakers

You might think that with the leather covering your feet, there’s no way you should stick your feet inside that hot cave. But you would be wrong. Foreseeing that, Propet has punched in tiny holes around the surface of the shoes which will give breathability to your feet!

The Life Walker Strap Sneaker not only offer satisfying cushioning and protection to your feet, but it also brings a very trendy look to your feet!

Orthofeet S331 Asheville Men’s Slippers

Orthofeet S331 Asheville Men's Slippers

Whenever you need a pair of shoes to wear around the house and in winter, the Asheville will not let you down. Designed as slippers, wearers can easily slip them on and walk here and there.

Specifically for diabetes, Orthofeet provides orthotic shoe pads which are pleasant to walk in. Along with the lightweight sole, this pair offers a snug feeling every time you slide your feet in it and keeps them warm in the wintertime.

New Balance Men’s MW577 Walking Shoes

New Balance Men’s MW577 Walking Shoes

New Balance continues to put out quality shoes for diabetes. With this soft leather-covered pair of shoes, it gives a lot of comfy feeling for our feet and doesn’t suffocate them as well.

Its durability also increases with synthetic support too. You can wear this pair daily without worrying about its stability. The Walking Strike Path footbed and ABZORB cushioning also ensure a wonderful experience with this pair. Besides, the hook and loop strap makes it easy to put the shoes on.


Shopping should not be a chore, ever. However, sometimes, it still can give us a headache, especially for people with diabetes. To take some of the burdens off your shoulders, we’ve come up with some tips that might come in handy when choosing the ultimate pair of shoes for you.

Make sure to go over some crucial factors when buying ones and you’re guaranteeing your feet’s safety and comfort, such as the size, the material, the soles. As long as you keep those in mind, a right pair of shoes won’t be out of your reach.

So, that’s our take! Do you want to add anything? If so, please kindly leave a comment below to let us know!

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