Best Cycling Shoes 2019

Best Cycling Shoes 2019

Why are cycling shoes the essential cycling gear? You love riding a bike and prepare yourself kit, sunglasses, gloves, socks, and shoes, of course. But cycling shoes must take a lot of your attention.

Here is why.

Palms, Pelvic bones and Feet are three points of contact between you and your bike. Feet are the most important because it causes the movement of your whole body.

You will transfer all the power from your legs to the pedals at a rate of around 80-90 rpm. You will turn 4000 to 5000 times every hour.

So choosing your ideal shoes is crucial for riding not only efficiency but also your foot comfort.

Now, I’ll share some tips to look for when you go shopping for cycling shoes.

Tips To Get The Ideal Cycling Shoes

Fit & Comfort

The fit is the most significant factor when you choose cycling shoes as you could notice that someone has narrow feet, while others have wider ones.

Besides the standard sizes, shoes sometimes come with extra letters behind them — for example, 42E.

What do those letters mean?

Here is your reference: E (wide); EE (extra wide); EEE (triple wide); B (extra narrow); C (narrow); D (regular).

However, cycling shoes typically use an E letter to show the various sizes.

Closure System

Cycling shoes feature four types of closure systems which are:

  • BOA Dials – Most high-performance cycling shoes use BOA Dials since it’s quite expensive. But it provides you an exact fit via adjusting each turn of the dial.
  • Ratchet Buckles – Ratchet Buckles is less popular than BOA. It’s sturdy and reliable but not as adjustable as BOA. In case you break buckles, it’s hard to replace new ones.
  • Velcro Straps – Velcro Straps is famous for its lightweight and durable characteristic. It holds your foot well-positioned and convenient.
  • Laces – Laces is the lightest system among all the other three, and it also gives you snug fit. However, you can’t have quick alignment while riding.

Sole Materials

Carbon soles are the highest-quality cycling shoes. It’s always lightweight, stiff and expensive

However, some cyclists complain of feet numbness and pain due to a very stiff sole, so that prefer a synthetic one. Although only mid-range shoes use synthetic soles, it’s cheaper and more comfortable than carbon.


Riding makes your feet get sweaty, that why all cycling shoes need mesh holes even at the top, front, bottom, or all of them.

Pedal & Cleat System

There are three types of cycling shoes depending on the types of their pedals.

  • SPD (2 holes) is used in mountain biking, commuting and touring shoes. Due to its recessed cleats, SPD allows easier for walking.
  • SPD-SL (3 holes) provides more efficient power transfer so that riders prefer these shoes in road cycling. It also has a broader cleat that is more comfortable.
  • Speedplay (4 holes) need a base plate that could convert from three to four holes. However, it allows for full customization and fit in all directions.

Best Cycling Shoes for Men Listed

Giro Carbide R Bike Mens Shoes

Giro Carbide R Bike Mens Shoes

  • No tingling toes or sore feet
  • Wonderful fit and comfortable
  • A stiff sole and excellent power transfer
  • Recessed cleats, stiff footbed, and adjustable Velcro
  • Well-constructed and durable
  • Stay dry in under wet weather
  • A little tight with a wide foot

In general, Carbide is famous for its high-quality and riding efficiency. The synthetic fiber upper provides the feel of breathable. More than that, it could protect your toe from scuff in case of spiking.

With the classic 3-strap closure which allows for quick aligning, Carbide always focuses on comfort and convenience.

Nylon outsold gives high traction and helps transfer power to pedals instantly. A supportive EVA footbed with Aegis anti-microbial treatment enhances fit and arch support.

Fizik R5 Mens Road Cycling Shoes

Fizik R5 Mens Road Cycling Shoes

  • Stiff carbon reinforced sole
  • Smooth transfer of power into pedals
  • Easy to wear, adjust, and take off
  • Excellent fit with low profile
  • A little airless in hot weather
  • Slight crease after long use

The FiZik R5 delivers versatile performance to make every outing an enjoyable ride.

The classic, distinct, and smart construction brings freedom to every enthusiastic cyclist around the world.

The R5 uppers are highly breathable Microtex fabric with nylon mesh for ventilation. Not only that, Fizik’s Superlight Insole could support your arches and absorbs road vibration.

A carbon-reinforced nylon outsole allows efficient power transfer. Besides, the stack height provides power to the pedals and remains flexible enough for comfort on long rides.

To secure your feet, the R5 uses the Boa closure system and single dial with a continuous loop; it is micro-adjustable for the perfect fit.

Fixik R5 UOMO BOA Road Cycling Shoes

Fixik R5 UOMO BOA Road Cycling Shoes

  • Well-constructed and lightweight
  • Excellent power transfer with the stiff outsole
  • Stunning fit with top performance
  • Fantastic fit and air ventilation
  • Narrow and more suitable for thin foot
  • High price

The R5 UOMO is the most accessible cycling shoe. The carbon-reinforced nylon outsole is lightweight as well as stiff and durable. It’s superior to other shoes by aerodynamics aid.

In association with a supportive insole and heel, UOMO ensures that every precious watt goes straight into your pedals.

You could individually change the shape of the shoe by adjusting the volume control Boa to fit snugly around your feet and feel comfy.

Microfiber Material is hard-wearing, light, and resilient which comfort every rider’s foot, but strong enough to withstand the demands of racing.

In addition to the single BOA IP1-A closure control, micro-straps place at the bottom to make sure the R5 fits snugly and securely.

Pearl iZuMi Men’s Select RD IV-M Cycling Shoes

Pearl iZuMi Men’s Select RD IV-M Cycling Shoes

  • Adjustable Velcro straps
  • Amazing pressure decrease
  • Brilliant fit and stretch a bit during use
  • Lightweight and versatile
  • Well-vented designing
  • Smooth sole which has no lugs
  • A little tight in the toebox

Pearl iZUMi gets the quality of a professional cycling shoe.

The synthetic sole and anatomic closure improve comfort and security for your foot. Also, it’s genius at the fiber plate for lightweight and stiffness along with the direct-vent technology for cooling.

The impressive feature is the forefoot straps which are placed at a 25-degree angle to follow the contours of your foot that reduces pressure and eliminates hot air.

Furthermore, Eva foam and rubber heel bumper provide stability, while Insole delivers excellent comfortability and arch support.

Giro Apeckx II Mens Cycling Shoes

Giro Apeckx II Mens Cycling Shoes

  • Lightweight and sensitive
  • Spectacular performance and convenience
  • Perfect fit and well-ventilated
  • Sturdy, rigid, and stable
  • A little snug in the toebox
  • Flashy and limited colors

The Apeckx II has a straightforward but high-productive design.

The welded and bonded upper leads to fewer seams and reduces hot air which is very pleasant and relaxed. You would always feel fit due to the classic combination of a micro-ratcheting, low-profile N-1 buckle and two straps.

It’s worth mentioning that a supportive, anti-microbial EVA footbed could reduce odor while keeping your foot breathable. It also messages your arch and keeps your foot reliant.

Plus, the Apeckx II is high-performance shoes so that you would get fantastic support and sensitivity.

Best Cycling Shoes for Women Listed

Tommaso Pista Womens Road Bike Cycling Shoes

Tommaso Pista Womens Road Bike Cycling Shoes

  • Reasonable price and style
  • Highly flexible and compatible
  • Excellent resistance and durability
  • Unique cleats that other shoes do not have
  • Well-ventilated and smooth
  • The tongue slides down a little that may be unpleasant to someone

TOMMASO designed this product to offer riders maximum comfort and riding efficiency. So the Pista is suitable for all road biking, spin class, and fitness riding.

The synthetic leather uppers will comfort your toe, while the ventilated mesh layer could cool your feet. Besides, the cleats are compatible with 2-bolt and 3-bolt sets, providing the perfect platform for all pedals.

Not yet, it offers 3-strap with a stiff fiberglass sole for incredible power transfer. This breakthrough innovation allows users to ride longer and faster using less energy.

SHIMANO SH-TR9 Womens Cycling Shoes

SHIMANO SH-TR9 Womens Cycling Shoes

  • Great fit and comfortability
  • Highly compatible and supportive
  • Super stiff and excellent power transfer
  • Quick on – quick off straps
  • The strap will rub your feet if getting too tight
  • High price

Shimano is a Women’s-specific design for a better fit and feel. It’s famous for the triathlete. You will be comfortable with its breathable 3D-mesh and synthetic leather materials.

T1-quick strap and wide collar will support you for easy entry and speedy transitions. Not only that, the dual hook-and-loop straps give you a great sense of security as well.

Anatomical toe cap helps maintain rigidity and ventilation so that you could be very comfy.

Moreover, Asymmetrical heel and lightweight foam insole play a role in reducing aches and pains for your feet. Besides, the stiff carbon fiber sole delivers the most efficient power transfer.

Soft fabric lining and padded tongue make your feet feel like being under a smooth cushion. It is worth noting that, SPD-SL cleat is very compatible with all bikes, and it matches PD-9000 pedals the most.

Louis Garneau Womens Sapphire MTB Bike Shoes

Louis Garneau Womens Sapphire MTB Bike Shoes

  • Good arch support
  • Simple cleats installing
  • Very comfortable and stable with plenty of room in the toebox
  • Great performance in the evening
  • Excellent spinning classes
  • Not breathable enough to some riders
  • Rigid plastic upper stretches a little

The Sapphire MTB Shoes are everything you need for mountain biking. Get one and start your journey!

The shoes will deliver excellent performance at an affordable price. The synthetic and mesh upper will protect your feet against the sudden and strong impacts.

Besides, leather and mesh shoe body allows for brilliant support, comfort, and ventilation.

Whereas hook-and-loop straps allow riders to align easily, HRS-80 retention could reduce power loss.

More than that, Ergo Grip 2 outsole with removable studs gives fantastic traction and efficient mud clearance.

Other splendid features are a reflective heel offers visibility in low light, and SPD cleats fit all major MTB pedals.

Fizik R5B Donna BOA Shoe with Fuschia Trim

Fizik R5B Donna BOA Shoe with Fuschia Trim

  • Easy cleats adjustment
  • Incredibly fit, sturdy, and comfy
  • Reflex light for further safety at night
  • Incredible lightweight and versatile
  • No pinching, sliding or squeezing
  • A little stiff at the beginning
  • Not suitable for narrow feet

The Fizik R5B Donna Boa takes advantage of the incredible precision of the Boa system which maintains ventilation, durability, and lightweight.

The hook-and-loop strap is close to the toe for width adjustment.

Also, Fizik shaped the heel cup at the aft position of the shoe to control slippage that keeps your foot safe with hard up-strokes.

To control over volume and clean the inside of the shoe, the tongue pad is fully-removable.

R5 uses a carbon-reinforced nylon outsole to retain a high level of rigidity and flexibility. Together, Microtex uppers and nylon mesh keep your feet breathable and pleasant.

Diamondback Bicycles Womens Airen Road Shoes

Diamondback Bicycles Womens Airen Road Shoes

  • Very stable and sturdy
  • Breathable and efficiency improved
  • Doesn’t cause any rubbing or soreness
  • Compatible with all types of cleats
  • Need to order for cleats separately
  • Little loose for a narrow foot

The Airen Road Cycling Shoe features the synthetic leather and mesh uppers which are durable and ventilated.

The 3-strap closure provides security and perfectly comfortable fit. Besides, washable insole allows for easy cleaning, whereas soft spandex lining satisfies your feet.

You would not be disappointed with the rigid nylon outsole which can improve efficiency, and 3-bolt SPD-SL compatible with a variety of cleats.

Moreover, TPU walk pads and curved anatomical sole could enhance your walkability.


You may not be a shoe expert, you still choose the best cycling shoes through some unique features. Consider what you need from a pair of cycling shoes, comfort, fit, high efficiency or ventilation so that you would know the best suitable shoes.

All you have to do is understand well your feet and you could find cycling shoes that support you the most and extremely durable.

You can share your thoughts in the comment section below. And don’t forget to like and share this article if you think it’s useful and informative.

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