Best Boxing Shoes 2019

Best Boxing Shoes 2019

Why do you need best boxing shoes? A lot of boxing players use athletic shoes which are generally for running, tennis, or other sports. They think it’s the same.

But it’s not!

Putting on real boxing shoes not only makes a big difference in a boxer’s performance but also improves their footwork.

A good pair of shoes provides you comfort, speed, and power so that you will have the comfiest positions and move around quickly.

Do you know how good it feels to wear real ones?

It’s lightweight and smooth. Also, it gives you more agility and supports you while jumping around.

Are you tempered to have the ideal boxing shoes right now?

But first, let’s see some features to check when you’re in the shoe store.

What To Look For To Buy Good Boxing Shoes?

Boxing is a sport which requires a lot of footwork rather than all other skills. Hence, your boxing shoes play a crucial role in moving and jumping around.

With that in mind, you must take these features under considerations when it comes to choosing a pair of shoes for practice and competitions.

High Top & Low Top

High Tops seem to be more traditional to all boxers; however, Low Tops are fashionable as well.

If you are on intensive training for matches or need extreme ankle support, a High Top is better for you. In contrast, if you are a beginner and mostly doing sparring, shadow boxing, and heavy bags workouts, pick a Low Top.

Boxing vs Wrestling Shoes

Actually, when I try to search for boxing shoes, I realize that they marketed a lot of wrestling shoes toward boxers. So, some players assume that they would use those shoes alternatively.


Although they are the same in appearance, they have very different performance. Wrestling shoes have rubber soles which provide more grip on the mat no matter what positions you are in.

However, specialized shoes for boxing has stiffer soles with less tread, so your feet could glide with ease on the floor or canvas.

Sole Materials

Either rubber or leather is a standard material for making boxing shoe soles.

Although giving less traction, leather soles allow you the best footwork while playing. Rubber is more lightweight, but it provides excellent grip.

Your shoes should not impede your footwork, so you need to pay attention to this.

Upper Materials

The upper of a boxing shoe is typically a combination of leather, suede, and synthetic materials. Most high-quality shoes use leather combining with synthetic nylon upper.

Remember that, leather is comfy and supportive, while nylon is lighter and breathable.

Ankle Support

Fighting at high-intensity level requires much ankle aid for your feet. Boxing shoes have uppers wraps around above the ankle and laces run high up the foot to hold it stable.

I highly recommend you choose a High Top to get the best Ankle support.


You had better have boxing shoes that completely fit your feet. So that read the sizing carefully before ordering.

For the lady fighters, find out 1 to 1.5 sizes smaller than Men’s. Here is the best boxing shoes review in 2019!

Best Boxing Shoes for Men Listed

Reebok Men’s Boxing Boot-Buck Sneakers

Reebok Men’s Boxing Boot-Buck Sneakers

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Light and comfortable
  • Good for daily fitness kickboxing
  • Provide expected support and traction
  • Improve your balance and power while fighting
  • Great ankle support
  • Pretty tight to big feet
  • Eyelets are a little small that take time to re-adjust the laces

Reebok delivers power to every punch and performs amazingly in all combats.

No matter you’re in training or intense battles, a soft and sensitive shoe gives your foot the most comfortable feeling. And a shoe with synthetic and textile material like Reebok will meet your needs.

Full rubber outsole increases the grip and balance on the ring. Besides, EVA midsole makes you feel like a cushion on your shoes. It also supports your arch and reduces pains during long time-fighting.

Synthetic uppers and an ankle strap add more support and bring stable feeling.

Ringside Diablo Men’s Boxing Shoes

Ringside Diablo Men’s Boxing Shoes

  • A little elasticity
  • Excellent performance
  • Perfectly fitting and comfortable
  • Lightweight and help move quicker
  • No significant wear or premature deterioration
  • Leather upper keeps the shoes from getting stretch
  • Great ventilation with fabric mesh
  • Reasonable price
  • Not much ankle support
  • Don’t have half sizes

Ringside is a high-performance shoe and very encouraging for footwork. Although it does not provide you much ankle assistance, Low top designing is still good for flexibility and agility in the ring.

Like other standard shoes for boxing, Ringside rubber soles are non-slip, and they bring the most stable feeling to your feet. The nylon mesh pattern is breathable, while the leather vinyl material for shoe body delivers the best comfort for your foot.

The stitching is much tight, and the lacing eyelets hardly stretch or torn that makes this shoe is still durable even in high-frequency use.

Title Speed-Flex Encore Mid Boxing Shoes

Title Speed-Flex Encore Mid Boxing Shoes

  • Quick laces adjustment
  • Very responsive when jumping around
  • Extremely light, fitting, and comfortable
  • Thin sole makes it easy to feel the ground
  • Good traction and balance
  • Good ankle secure
  • Slight struggling when taking the shoes off
  • Shoestrings are slightly short

Title is a distinctive shoe for quick footwork and speed. It will not make the eager boxers disappointed when using. The shoe body tightens following the contours of the foot creates a sense of stability, and it is absolutely safe in sharp movements.

In spite of lacking meshes, synthetic leather material does not make your feet feel airless. It’s still comfortable if you loosen the laces a little before playing.

Soft leather uppers protect the toes from scratching after strong scuffs. Besides, its flat soles will give you the greatest exposure to the ground. However, it does not have much arch support.

Adidas KO Legend 16.1 Boxing Trainer Shoes

Adidas KO Legend 16.1 Boxing Trainer Shoes

  • Very lightweight and breathable
  • Highly responsive and sensitive
  • Durable and grippy in all directions
  • Exceptionally comfort and reduce rubbing
  • Wide eyelets for easy lace-on and lace-off
  • Not sliding when transferring power
  • Good ankle and arch support
  • A little tight to wide feet
  • High price

Adidas KO Legend 16.1 is very light and cool while moving. This shoe will stop your feet from sweating out with a synthetic upper.

Moreover, synthetic leather overlays will encase your foot, and it’s also very responsive to constant jumping and landing.

Foam collar provides moisture-resistance, while an ankle strap enhances more security. Not only that, the open mesh and one-piece forefoot pattern increase ventilation for your feet.

An ADIWEAR outsole offers excellent traction and flexibility which are all boxer’s need. And it allows for light footwork multi-direction grip as well.

Title Predator II Men’s Boxing Shoes

Title Predator II Men’s Boxing Shoes

  • Versatile and grippy
  • Incredible ankle support
  • Excellent breathability and air release
  • Rigid and good for kickboxing, kicking pads and heavy bags practice
  • Fit the entire foot, ankle, and lower calf
  • Durable and lightweight
  • A little big for thin feet
  • High price

With mid-length and super light features, Title Predator II is incredible for speed, traction, and support. It’s worth to notice that three-dimensional uppers could custom fits so that you will be very pleasant and satisfied.

A wrapping ankle offers surprising support, performance, and spongy-soft. You will have the best experience without any worrying about vulnerable.

Besides, rubber soles give superior traction and landing control. Moreover, the padded mesh is breathable results in cooler and drier feeling during intense battles.

If precise accuracy and speed are your wishes, don’t hesitate to select Title Predator II.

Best Boxing Shoes for Women Listed

Adidas Box Rival II Womens Boxing Boots

Adidas Box Rival II Womens Boxing Boots

  • High performance and fit
  • Soft and lightweight
  • Good support while training and fighting
  • Snug closely to your feet that brings a sense of neat
  • Synthetic strings make it easy to tighten and loosen
  • Effective sweat absorbing inner pads
  • Very high price
  • A little small for big feet

Adidas Box Rival II has a classical style with two colors, green and black, always attracts all boxing lovers. Although it is the most expensive in the market, you are paying for the best.

Adidas satisfies customers with its synthetic fabric material that provides the best support to every fast and powerful movement.

The flat and thin soles create a sense of contact with the ground, making you stand firm. Furthermore, it provides a good grip, avoiding pains when your heel hits the ground after jumping.

Also, the mesh on the shoe body brings you a cool and breathable feeling. Adidas is always the best choice for you.

EVERLAST New Elite High Top Boxing Shoes

EVERLAST New Elite High Top Boxing Shoes

  • Great traction & ankle support
  • Good for agility and flexibility
  • Optimize side to side movement
  • Very stable with ankle strap
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Quickly adjust, put on, and put off
  • Not much arch support
  • High heels that some boxers do not like

If footwork is everything for you, EVERLAST is the shoes you are looking for.

Made by open weave mesh, microfiber, and suede, this shoe is perfect for speed, comfort, and durability. Not only that, its versatile design provides you the best performance while training or fighting.

To ensure traction and stability, a rubber outsole is thick and sturdy. Besides, the High Top design and additional ankle strap are very responsive during punching and sudden change of directions.

But what is superior is the Innovative tread which prevents slip and optimizes speed as well. Although flat sole shoes usually do not support much for the arch, I believe EVERLAST still deserves your attention.

Title Boxing Innovate Mid Boxing Shoes

Title Boxing Innovate Mid Boxing Shoes

  • Great fit and stability
  • Offer outstanding speed
  • High performance and durability
  • Allow moving with ease and agility
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Excellent heel support
  • A little narrow
  • Not really easy to align the laces

What do you think about synthetic leather shoes? Title is brilliant with this material and its nylon weave upper. It’s very lightweight and sporty that might arouse your interest for the first time.

A rubber sole is for speed and agility with intense pivots and traction. Besides, a mid-sole could provide more foot control and balance. Title will keep you in the best position when facing furious bumps and unexpected kicks.

More than that, a fully padded tongue gives you arch and heel support, so you don’t have to worry about aches. In spite of lacking meshes, laces system can help your feet “breathe” and avoid the airless feeling during long training hours.

RIVAL Boxing Boots-RSX One High Tops

RIVAL Boxing Boots-RSX One High Tops

  • Well ankle support
  • Excellent traction and speed
  • Perfectly smooth and comfortable
  • Quick aligning with laces and wide eyelets
  • Good for kickboxing
  • Well-ventilated
  • Not much lightweight
  • A little wide for thin feet

This shoe with High Top design is lighter than you think with the sufficient support of synthetic leather and inner pads.

Fully ventilated mesh and suede upper ensure maximum airflow and cooling the foot from every side. Your feet will be much more comfortable and pleasant with this feature.

While the outsole is thin and flexible with a lot of grips, the insole provides efficient arch support. And of course, High Tops always assist your ankle the most. You will never be disappointed if you select RIVAL Boots-RSX.

RIVAL Womens Boxing Boots Low Tops

RIVAL Womens Boxing Boots Low Tops

  • High performance
  • Perfectly fit and comfortable
  • No pain in arches during training
  • Well grip and secure
  • Not well ankle assistance
  • Too much flashy that some boxers don’t like

Don’t rush to see a Low Top shoe then suspects that they won’t support you best. Everything has weaknesses, but the advantage can outweigh the drawback.

Like any other RIVAL’s Shoes, this Low Top has all the features of a High Top, except the ankle aid. However, you would have a loose laces system which is easy to adjust and delivers comfort.

The most fantastic thing is that these shoes are very slippery. And you don’t need to put on too much effort on controlling your footwork because they will work at full efficiency without any fatigue.


Boxing shoes for women on the market are not as diverse as men’s, but ladies can still find the best shoes for themselves without worrying about style or quality. UNISEX boxing shoes are also a great choice for two women.

I hope that now you can have the best boxing shoes ever! You can share your thoughts in the comment section below. And don’t forget to like and share this article if you think it’s useful and informative.

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